About Us

Budapest based floristry working solely with dried flowers, founded in 2008. Our wreaths, bouquets, table decorations are all prepared of flowers originating from Hungarian farmers. Everything you find in our shop is unique and handmade, representing our heart and soul.

How long dried flower products last?

Dried flowers - often called immortals - are long-living products. Under proper circumstances they last for several years.

How to handle dried flower products?

Dried flowers do not like being moved about. Direct and strong light, high air-humidity, rain can reduce their lifespan, so they should be kept away from these. Dried flower wreaths can be placed both outdoor and indoor, put on the door or wall, or lying on the table.

How is it possible to ship dried flower wreaths abroad?

Dried flower products, wreaths can be transported with special care due to their fragility. Our shop provides strong paperboxes suitable for safe transportation (by airplane or in a hand luggage).

Is it possible to give dried flower as a gift?

Dried flower wreaths, table decorations are ideal gifts. Giving exclusive dried flower products is a stylish and unique way to celebrate love and life, may it be a birthday, an anniversary, a child birth, or a marriage.



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